Deer Flat Ranch Wedding

Getting Ready + Bridal Suite Space

Deer Flat Ranch has a beautiful bridal space for you and your bridesmaids to get ready in with white walls and lots of natural light. In the next room over is a modern space with lots of mirrors for all your hair and makeup needs.

The Groomsmen space is setup with a foosball table and a classic groomsmen feel. Lots of leather chairs and a space for your groomsmen to lounge and relax.


And Ceremony Spaces

At the helm of Deer Flat Ranch's offerings is their ceremony space. It sits under a stunning grove of trees where you can seal the deal with lavender fields in the background.

Heading inside for the reception space is a beautiful large room that you can decorate to fit any vibe. There are large bay doors that can open up to allow for a more open concept, or leave them closed to create an intimate reception.

Custom Call Outs for your Bridal Party!


Bridal Party Flip Cup!